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Transitional Guidance for Women provides individualized counseling and support services to help you adjust to life's changes, and live in a way that is meaningful and in accordance with your true values and interests.

Are you a woman, accustomed to effectively juggling many roles and tasks, but currently find yourself feeling confused, lost or down?

Transitional Guidance for Women is here to help. I can guide you to move through change in a way that allows you to regain a sense of clarity, confidence and energy.

Many women seek my services after a life altering event such as the death of someone close, children leaving home, a new marriage, a divorce, a chronic illness or the stress of caring for aging parents. Whatever the event may be, their roles are changing, often resulting in feelings of loss and confusion.

Other women come in at some "midlife" point where they are beginning to re-evaluate how they use their time and energy. They may begin to experience a subtle longing to do something different—something that has a deeper meaning to them. They often are not sure exactly what that is or how to get there.

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